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Pools and child safety


Most children drown in pools attend hospital due to immersion injuries. Some of these children ended up having permanent brain damage. Tips to stay swim safe STAY close to kids always in the pool. Effectiveness of pool safety depends on the vigilance of the adults supervising children in and around pools all the time. Start SWIMming lessons. Starting swimming lessons is not a substitute for supervision. However, learning to swim can reduce the possibility of drowning. Maintain a SAFE pool fence. Always make sure your pool gates are self-closes and self-latches and your pool fence is compliance with the current pool fen

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The rules about common property


Body Corporates have responsibilities to lot owners in a community titles scheme. They are also the entity that enforces the body corporate rules and by-laws as per the body corporate and state legislation. When body corporates hold their annual or special meetings, they discuss, introduce or remove certain rules that affect property owners and the property itself. Generally, by-laws and body corporate rules apply to the following regarding areas of common property: Appearance of units Behaviour Noise Damaging common property Obstructing common property Littering common property General garbage disposal

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