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Heater & Fireplace safety


During the winter season it is very important to take extra precautions to toward fire safety. Australian data reveals that during winter there is an increased risk of house fires due to higher usage rates of electrical appliances. Most of the house fires and/or burns are a result of unsafe use of heaters. Heater safety involves several steps and they are; Correctly installing and maintaining the heating device Supervision of children Safe clearance between the heater and flammable items/materials Using of correct fuels Following manufacture's instructions Electric and Gas heaters Most of the house fire

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What is a tax depreciation schedule?


If you own investment properties, the aim is to maximise your tax returns with legitimate tax depreciation deductions so you can save yourself more money. To do this you need to have expert knowledge on tax depreciation schedules from a highly skilled and professional Quantity Surveyor. SC Tax Depreciations qualified and experienced Quantity Surveyors can help you make sure that you are not only claiming the tax depreciation that you are entitled to with your investment propertys, but that you also maximise this return. But what is a tax depreciation schedule? If you own a new or existing investment property , two areas

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