Caretaking Tender Advertisement

Body Corporate for Urban Quarter CTS 32535

Caretaking Position

The Body Corporate for Urban Quarter CTS 32535 (“the Body Corporate”) is seeking expressions of interest with regards to the available position of service contractor at the scheme. The estimated start date for the position is March 2022.

Position Summary

The position of service contractor is for a term of three (3) years. The successful applicant will be required to enter into a Caretaking Agreement with the Body Corporate and be required to comply with the terms and conditions contained within same, including obtaining appropriate qualifications (e.g., ABN, insurance and licenses etc.).

This is not a management rights position.

The Body Corporate will pay a commensurate remuneration for the successful applicant to enter into, and perform the caretaking duties, under the Caretaking Agreement.

The advertised role covers all aspects of building management. This includes cleaning, gardening, scheduled maintenance, basic repairs maintenance, and security duties at the scheme. The service contractor is required to comply with the Code of Conduct for Body Corporate Managers and Caretaking Service Contractors.

Urban Quarter

The scheme is comprised of 90 residential units. The service contractor will be required to maintain areas of the common property at the scheme, including the undercroft parking and parking areas, pathways, gardens and lawns, swimming pool, barbeque area, lobby, and foyer levels.

Given this is not a contract for the management rights, there is no requirement for the service contractor to reside onsite. However, given the nature and frequency in performing the duties, living close to the scheme is recommended.

The Body Corporate will provide a storage area for the Caretaker’s exclusive use.


As part of your submission, please review the Caretaking Agreement, and the duties contained in same, and provide an annual remuneration to the Body Corporate to perform the caretaking duties. The annual remuneration will be adjusted by the consumer price index (“CPI”) each subsequent year of the Caretaking Agreement.

While the Caretaking Agreement is for a term of three (3) years, there may be opportunities to extend the term of the Agreement. This is dependent on the service contractor’s performance of the duties under the Caretaking Agreement.


The Body Corporate will provide limited equipment to the service contractor to perform the caretaking duties. Details to be provided on request.

Any additional equipment which is not provided by the Body Corporate and which is required to perform the caretaking duties, will be at the service contractor’s expense.


The service contractor is required to pay for telephone, internet, and office consumables, at its expense.


The service contractor is required to maintain insurance for public liability in the amount of $20,000,000.00.

Key Aspects of Position

The successful applicant will:

  1. have experience in successfully managing buildings, particularly medium and large residential schemes;
  2. demonstrate initiative in performing caretaking duties;
  3. be respectful and courteous towards owners, occupiers and visitors of the scheme; and
  4. uphold the good reputation of Urban Quarter as an attractive residential scheme.

How to apply

For a full and complete schedule of the caretaking duties, obligations of the service contractor and to apply for the position of service contractor at the Body Corporate for Urban Quarter CTS 32535, please click on the following links and send your completed application to: [email protected]



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