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Common Property Condition Reports are becoming more Common on the Gold Coast

Strata common property can be a contentious issue between onsite managers and committee members; whether the committee members are residents and expect a higher degree of care, or the members want to keep body corporate rates down and invest little into communal areas, the expectations verses reality can often be very different.

When it comes to the standard of maintenance and investment in common areas, it is often best to get an unbiased third-party opinion.

Ensuring all Parties are on the Same Page

Seymour Consultants on the Gold Coast can provide a fully comprehensive Common Property Condition Report that will outline the exact requirements to ensure the common areas are kept to an acceptable standard. The report provided by Seymour Consultants outlines exactly what is needed to adhere to safety standards, whilst also considering aesthetics and property values; we allocate a budget from the sinking fund to be invested into achieving the desired results.

Why would we need a Common Property Condition Report for our common areas?

This is a great way for the committee and caretakers to be on the same page, expectations are clear and there is an action plan and budget allocated to ensure everyone is aware of what is required.

By engaging Seymour Consultants to perform a Common Property Report you will be ensuring that all common areas are fit for purpose and safe to use, this will ensure the safety of residents whilst also having the added bonus of keepingĀ  insurance premiums down.

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Common Strata areas are to be enjoyed by all residents, and areas that are in disrepair, unsafe, or unsightly should be attended to. Seymour Consultants on the Gold Coast ensure that all parties know what is expected of the care takers, and what is a fair and reasonable budget and timeframe to complete the work in.

Do not leave your common area maintenance to chance, talk to the professionals at Seymour Consultants on the Gold Coast and have peace of mind that everything is documented, and each relevant party is aware of their duties and responsibilities.

Call us today and get on track with your common area maintenance today.