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Common Property Condition Reports

(Caretaking Performance Management)

Common Property Condition Reports (Caretaking Performance Management)

Worried about the standard of maintenance and state of your strata common property?

The common property condition report is designed to assess the standard of maintenance to ensure that the property is being maintained to an acceptable standard.

Traditionally, caretaking agreements have been known to be ambiguous leading to a breakdown in communication, conflict and litigation between the committee and the caretaker.

The preparation of an independent performance assessment undertaken by Seymour Consultants is an effective communication tool that will assist both the committee and the caretaker to understand the specific level of maintenance required for the property.

With Seymour Consultants your report will be prepared promptly and professionally.

What are the types of areas that are covered in the assessment?

Areas covered include but are not limited to:

  • Recreational Areas
  • Garden and landscaped areas
  • Car parking and driveways
  • Internal and External Areas
  • Roof tops

Benefits of Common Property Condition Reports (Caretaking)

  • Acceptable levels of maintenance protects your asset
  • Expert advice to help resolve disputes and prepare QCAT applications
  • Formalises and documents performance
  • Improves the general appearance of the property

We provide professional, easy to read reports backed with photographic evidence. Call Seymour Consultants today to discuss your requirements or book online.

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