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Family Fun from the comfort of your own home

Have you noticed that since Covid-19 time seems to be defined by, pre-covid and the present?

Covid-19 has changed our world so much that we refer to adventures, projects, memories as pre-covid events. Whilst Covid-19 has seen people lose jobs, homes, and worst of all loved ones, there has also been an upside for some people; Covid-19 made us stop; the hustle and bustle of the city traffic stopped, businesses closed their doors and stopped, aeroplanes were grounded, and the world seemed to pause for a while.

In this moment many of us spent time at home enjoying the simple pleasures of spending more time with family, sun, games, and taking some time away from the daily grind.

Pool Fencing is not optional

Many people in Queensland  installed pools after our lockdowns were lifted, pool companies were booked out months in advance and still are. Spending time at home during summer does not seem so bad when you have the thrills and spills of a pool.

Pools are such a great addition to a household; they add value, aesthetics, but most of all the fun factor.

Whether you are choosing a pool for exercise, family-fun, to entertain, or for all these reasons, you must remember that your pool installation is not complete without fully compliant pool fencing.

Why do I need fully compliant pool fencing?

The pool safety laws were introduced to reduce the number or infant fatalities from drowning in pools, and the statistics have shown that pool fencing has been effective.

Pool fencing is not just a safety precaution, it is the law.

So, what do you need to do to ensure your pool fence is compliant?

A simple call to Seymour Consultants and we can organise a time to conduct a thorough safety inspection of your pool.

If you are compliant, we can give you the required certification. If there are any issues, we will provide you with a comprehensive plan to rectify the situation.

Pool fencing saves lives, so leave it to the professional team at Seymour Consultants to ensure that the fun continues.

pool certificates and general pool safety advice

Do not find yourself in deep water for non-compliance of your pool fencing, call Seymour Consultants for a Pool Barrier Inspection and Certification.

For all your pool certificates and general pool safety advice, call the friendly and professional team at Seymour Consultants in Queensland on 07 5573 4011.