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Management Rights

(Caretaking – Interview And Assessment)

Management Rights (Caretaking – Interview And Assessment)

The interview and assessment undertaken by Seymour Consultants is an effective decision making tool to determine whether the incoming manager has the skills to undertake the duties specified in the caretaking agreement.

In most cases the body corporate cannot unreasonably refuse to consent to an assignment unless there are reasonable grounds and therefore the interview is not a traditional Employer/Employee interview.

The interview includes an assessment of the assignee’s skills and experience in property maintenance and knowledge of strata based matters. We assess the assignee’s communication skills, supervisory ability and decision making abilities. The results of the interview and assessment highlight the assignee’s strengths and weaknesses and possible areas which can be improved through further training. Following the interview and assessment, we conduct reference checks and prepare a written report providing recommendations to the committee.

In addition to the interview and assessment at the request of the client, we conduct full day practical testing to determine the assignee’s ability to undertake the duties specified in the care taking agreement.

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With over 40 years of experience in the body corporate industry in various sectors such as body corporate management, asset management, property development consulting, quantity surveying and safety compliance, our dedicated team will provide accurate and quality work to ensure that your objectives have been achieved.

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