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Family Fun from the comfort of your own home

Have you noticed that since Covid-19 time seems to be defined by, pre-covid and the present? Covid-19 has changed our world so much that we refer to adventures, projects, memories as pre-covid events. Whilst Covid-19 has seen people lose jobs, homes, and worst of all loved ones, there has also been an upside for some people; Covid-19 made us stop; the hustle and bustle of the city traffic stopped, businesses closed their doors and stopped, aeroplanes were grounded, and the world seemed to pause for a while. In this moment many of us spent time at home enjoying the simple pleasures of spending more time with family, sun, games,

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Covid-19 = A scary New World

Seymour Consultants are always invested in staying up to date with new legislation and changes to business practices, and as COVID-19 literally brought the world to a standstill, it would be fair to assume that Workplace Health and Safety procedures might need to be looked at. A Workplace Health and Safety report can look very different depending on your workplace; if you need a thorough assessment of safe practices within the workplace, a Workplace Health and Safety Report from Seymour Consultants in Queensland and New South Wales is the best way to ensure you are up to code. How has the workplace changed due to COVID-19? Whil

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