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Maintenance of Fire Safety Installations. What is involved

Maintenance of Fire Safety Installations.  What is involved? In 2008 the Queensland Government introduced the Building Fire Safety Regulation, aiming to reduce the number of fire related incidents that occur in Australia each year. This regulation affects owners, occupiers or business owners who have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of persons that occupy their premises. The fire safety regulation sets out a number of compliance points and the maintenance of fire safety installations is one of them. Here, Seymour Consultants explain what is involved with ensuring the maintenance of your fire safety installations

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Understanding Sinking Fund Forecasts

Sinking Fund Forecasts are regulated in Queensland by “The Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997”. At the Annual General Meeting the owners are presented with the body corporate budgets of income and expenditure to approve based on the budget and to: Fix the contributions that are levied. Set the dates for payment of the levies. DEVELOPING THE SINKING FUND FORECAST The following is taken into consideration when preparing a Sinking Fund Forecast. List all the common property These may include letterboxes, intercom, lighting, swimming pools, pool heaters and equipment, gardens, pergolas, driveways,

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