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We are proud to release our latest services profile which includes our specialist services provided exclusively to the strata industry.

These services include: Caretaker Remuneration Reviews Common Property Condition Report ( Caretaking Performance ) Management Rights – Caretaking Interview and Assessment Lot Entitlement Reporting Building Management Statement Reviews Compilation of Asset Registers Project Management Services Download the full services profile by clicking on the button below. Caretaking Solutions Most disputes between building managers and the committees relate to contractual issues. The issues that arise, often relate to the duties carried out by the caretaker and the expectations of the committee. A common proper

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Building Defect Reporting which will be introduced effective 01 March 2021

BUILDING DEFECT OR CONDITON REPORTS Building Defect Reporting ( BCCM 2020 ) which will be introduced effective 01 March 2021 will require a body corporate to include on the agenda of its second AGM, a motion to decide on having a building defects assessment carried out. The motion aims to encourage strata committees to undertake building defect assessments. Regardless of the buildings age, inspecting your building at regular intervals will ensure that your asset is protected and the risk of major capital expenditure in the future is minimised. There are some key intervals during the life of the

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