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Building Defect Reporting which will be introduced effective 01 March 2021

BUILDING DEFECT OR CONDITON REPORTS Building Defect Reporting ( BCCM 2020 ) which will be introduced effective 01 March 2021 will require a body corporate to include on the agenda of its second AGM, a motion to decide on having a building defects assessment carried out. The motion aims to encourage strata committees to undertake building defect assessments. Regardless of the buildings age, inspecting your building at regular intervals will ensure that your asset is protected and the risk of major capital expenditure in the future is minimised. There are some key intervals during the life of the

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Happy New Year from all the team at Seymour Consultants.

As we bring in a new year it is time to be proactive and start the year as we mean to go on; fire safety is an important and legal obligation as laid out in the Building Fire Safety Regulation of 2008, so if you’ve been putting off doing a fire safety evaluation then it might be time to call Seymour Consultants in both Queensland and New South Wales. ‘ Fire Safety is not optional. It is human nature to procrastinate, but when it comes to fire safety there is no room for chance. What if we told you that by calling Seymour Consultants, we can assist your body corporate with finding out your legal requirements? We will provid

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