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Most Anchor Points would fail testing!

The estimated 350,000 Australians who work at height, maintaining buildings, face a deadly threat, with as many as 31 percent of life-saving safety anchors unable to meet the most basic safety standards. The Working At Heights Association (WAHA), which represents manufacturers and installers of fall prevention equipment, has revealed dramatic footage of several types of commonly used roof safety anchors failing ‘drop tests’ in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS5532. In the tests, 100-kilogram loads dropped through two metres tear single-person anchors away from their mounts, while 150-kilogram loads for two-person

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BILL NORTON BACKS PLANS FOR AUSTRALIANS TO PAY FOR ASBESTOS CERTIFICATES HOME owners and landlords will have to pay for asbestos certificates before selling, leasing or renovating properties, under a federal government proposal to be negotiated with the states. Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten gave his personal backing to the asbestos-alert strategy. He said one in every three homes built between 1945 and the mid-80s contain asbestos, a mineral fibre that can cause the lethal lung cancer mesothelioma. "If I was purchasing a home, I would want to know if it contained asbestos or not,'' he told News Limited. "O

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