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Merry Christmas from the team at Seymour Consultants

The team at Seymour Consultants love to take a break over Christmas as much as anyone. When we do, we love to enjoy great food. We asked our team for their favourite tips and best recipe for a perfect Aussie Christmas. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Turkey Tips First, is making sure you have a turkey that’s the right size to feed your guests. This guide allows for a generous serve per person and some leftovers. 3 kg serves 7-8 4 kg serves 10 5 kg serves 12-13 6 kg serves 15 The secret of a delicious moist turkey is brining. To do this, bring 1 cup of sea salt, 1 cup of sugar, 3 bay leaves, half a b

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Managing termites for strata

Termites can often be overlooked in strata schemes, however, there is a real need to ensure effective termite management systems are installed and regular inspections are undertaken, as we would a normal stand-alone house. There are Australian Standards which apply to this work. The work also requires a licensed technician with supervision from a QBCC licensed supervisor. What is best practice for strata schemes? The CSIRO recommends a competent pest inspection at least on an annual basis and in some cases more frequent depending on your risk of termites. At bare minimum, strata schemes should consider an annual inspection of the

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