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Signs of Termites

A termite inspector will look for warning signs of termites and here are some of them. Mud tubes Mud tubes are the ways that subterranean termites connect their colonies in the soil underground to their above-ground food sources. These are made out of soil and wood combined with termite saliva. Subterranean termites can't survive without moisture and are vulnerable to dehydration. Therefore, these tubes offer shelter that locks in moisture, and protects the termites from dry air and predators. What do mud tubes look like? There tubes are 1/4 to 1 inch in diameter. They are easily noticeable when present along exterior con

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Are you up to speed with smoke alarms?

Do you know when you sleep, your sense of smell also sleeps? If a fire starts when you are sleeping, toxic fumes can overcome you. This is why Photoelectric smoke alarms are more helpful. Photoelectric smoke alarms see smoke and will alert you early, so you can escape. With interconnected alarms, you will be alerted no matter where you are, or where the fire starts. New legislation specifies the type, positioning, and interconnectedness of alarms, which are critical factors for an early warning and quick escape. It is recommended that updating your smoke alarms to match the new legislation as soon as you can, give your

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