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It’s Nearly Tax Time

The end of financial year is when many people call their accountants, but if you are an investment property owner looking for tax savings there is someone else you should be calling, Seymour Consultants on the Gold Coast. What is a tax depreciation schedule? Whilst an investment property is generally considered a solid investment, they do still depreciate; the rendering cracks, the roofing is subject to the harsh Australian weather, and the equipment in the property is also prone to wear and tear. A tax depreciation schedule will help you make savings come tax time. Seymour Consultants will provide a fully comprehensive tax dep

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Are you self-isolating?

In the midst of Covid-19 we’re all starting to batten down the hatches and spend some more time at home self-isolating. Whilst we can’t welcome family and friends into our homes you might start to notice some unwanted visitors taking refuge in your house, pests. Why do I have more pests in my home lately? Australia has been battling a myriad of weather related issues recently, we’re had bush fires one day, and flash floods the next, so what does this mean for pests? The bushfires destroy ground foliage that bugs and pests use for protection; without coverage they can be easily seen and fall prey to birds and wildlife. Pe

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