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The rules about common property

Body Corporates have responsibilities to lot owners in a community titles scheme. They are also the entity that enforces the body corporate rules and by-laws as per the body corporate and state legislation. When body corporates hold their annual or special meetings, they discuss, introduce or remove certain rules that affect property owners and the property itself. Generally, by-laws and body corporate rules apply to the following regarding areas of common property: Appearance of units Behaviour Noise Damaging common property Obstructing common property Littering common property General garbage disposal

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Heater & Fireplace safety

During the winter season it is very important to take extra precautions to toward fire safety. Australian data reveals that during winter there is an increased risk of house fires due to higher usage rates of electrical appliances. Most of the house fires and/or burns are a result of unsafe use of heaters. Heater safety involves several steps and they are; Correctly installing and maintaining the heating device Supervision of children Safe clearance between the heater and flammable items/materials Using of correct fuels Following manufacture's instructions Electric and Gas heaters Most of the house fire

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