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Summer is Coming!

Due to Covid-19 people all around the world have experienced times where they have not been able to leave the house, the state, or the country; this has left many people looking to their own home for improvements and entertainment.

Trades people have been booming with homeowners investing their travel money into their property, and one thing that is high on the wish-list in Australia is a pool.

Pool Fencing can save lives

When planning your pool you might be excited about the size, the shape, the landscaping, and all those details, but the one thing that MUST be considered is pool fencing that meets Government Pool Safety Laws. Pool fencing can look great, but first and foremost it needs to adhere to the pool safety laws. Pool fencing if installed properly can save lives.

If you are implementing or upgrading your pool fencing, you still need a temporary fence in place to ensure you comply with pool safety laws, something that is often overlooked by pool owners.

If your pool fencing is found to be non-compliant you could end up with a hefty fine from the Government.

How do I know if my pool fencing is compliant?

You can cross check your pool fencing against the legislation laid out by the Government, or you can call Seymour Consultants. Don’t risk a fine, or even worse the safety of others by not complying with pool safety regulations, call Seymour Consultants in Queensland and New South Wales, we can ensure your pool fence is compliant and most of all safe.

What if my pool is not compliant?

Seymour Consultants will provide you with a comprehensive action plan to bring your pool fencing up to code.

Selling your Home?

If you are selling or leasing out your home, you will need a safety certificate. Seymour Consultants can provide you with the documentation you need to make the process as seamless as possible.

Pool Fencing Compliance Made Easy

Owning a pool is can provide endless hours of fun, Seymour Consultants is here to ensure you and your family are safe and compliant so you can concentrate on making memories.