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We see the whole picture when it comes to Body Corporate reporting

Here’s a summary of some of the Body Corporate services we offer.

Insurance Valuations

Insurance replacement valuations are critical, so you don’t run the risk of a shortfall if you need to make an insurance claim. You also don’t want to be over insured either, or you’ll end up paying higher premiums than necessary.

Sinking Fund Forecasts

Your Strata Scheme Sinking Fund Forecast should be comprehensive, easy to read, customised to your needs, and by law, with a 10-year forecast in place.

Fire Safety Regulations

Owners, occupiers, and tenants have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of any person inside a building. We’ll assess your situation to make sure you comply with the Building Fire Safety Regulation of 2008, Australian Standards 1851: 2012 and the Queensland Development Code.

Workplace Health and Safety Reports

When it comes to workplace reports, we’ve got you covered. Our reports are designed to be clear, so you’ll be able to understand exactly what your obligations are.


Need concise engineering reports professionally prepared in an easy to understand format with digital photographs? We provide professional engineering reports for residential houses, residential townhouses, low-rise and high-rise apartments, commercial office buildings, and industrial buildings.

We know the rules to keep you out of trouble

One local consulting agency for all your body corporate needs. Seymour Consultants have an office on the Gold Coast. Contact Us or make an online enquiry.

You can also Submit a Form online for Building: cost and planning services, safety services, and building services.