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Workplace Health and Safety Reports

Comprehensive, easy to read hazard identification reports and general advice

Work Health and Safety Reports is an Important Obligation for Every Body Corporate.


Why Your Body Corporate Needs a Work Health and Safety Report?

The Work Health & Safety Act requires Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking so far as is reasonably practicable, to ensure health and safety of workers it engages. The term ‘PCBU’ includes a broader category of entities, including sole traders, principal contractors, unincorporated associations, partnerships and franchisees as well as those traditionally considered to be employers. Self-employed people and volunteer organisations that employ people are also PCBUs under the WHS legislation.


To ensure you are aware of your obligations, Seymour Consultants conducts an onsite inspection and will compile for you a detailed, yet easy to understand report. We apply the risk management process by:

  • Identifying hazards
  • Assessing and prioritizing risks
  • Deciding on control measures
  • Recommendations for the implementation of control measures
  • Conducting reviews

The Benefits of Conducting Annual Safety Reports

  • Reduces exposure to risks
  • Insurance companies may lower premiums on properties that undertake annual safety reports
  • Relevant undertakings that comply with Acts and Legislation will be covered in the event of an accident/incident.
  • Legislation constantly changes – why take the risk of not complying with new Standards.
  • Assurance that the property or workplace is free from hazards.
  • Consultation with WH&S Inspector to discuss any concerns relating to the safety of the common property.
  • Access to free templates and procedures that will help to develop a safe working environment.

Who Will Conduct Your Work Health and Safety Report?

Health and Safety work undertaken by Seymour Consultants incorporates the use of qualified, experienced and accredited Workplace Health and Safety Inspectors. Our Inspectors are dedicated to providing quality reports within a specified time frame. We offer a personalised, cost effective service and are committed to satisfying our clients’ needs.

  • Accurate reports
  • Personalised client service
  • Accredited Health and Safety Officers
  • Cost effective and efficient service

Organising a professional Workplace Health and Safety Report is easy. Call us now on 07 5573 4011 or Book Online.

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